Here’s How We Handle Your Website Hosting

Despite the prevalence of facebook, twitter, instagram and google, your website remains the central focal point of your online presence. Your website is indexed by the major search engines, and provides the links to your other online presences. Even if the majority of your online activity is via social media, your website provides a central repository for the documents and services which you present to your customers. As such, it is important that your website is not only available when someone clicks on it, but also loads very quickly without costing an arm and a leg. These are a few of the reasons Garber Tech has chosen to use Linode virtual servers to host the vast majority of the websites we handle. Excellent up-time, fast response time and reasonable pricing.
Our servers run the typical ‘LAMP’ stack consisting of Ubuntu Linux, Apache web server, MySQL database server and PHP, which is the configuration that runs the majority of the world wide web today. On top of this, we use WordPress as the framework for our website design, and use monitoring software to make sure your site is always up, healthy and malware free. SSL, the technology behind secure websites (https) is standard with all our websites, securing your users information and improving your sites ranking with search engines.

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