All My Pictures Are Gone!

If you’ve ever accidentally picked that ‘Delete All’ option on your camera, or deleted that one picture that you can’t live without, all is not lost. Typically, when pictures (or any other file) are deleted from a device (camera, phone, computer, etc.), they are not actually erased, but simply marked as deleted. This way, the device knows that the space previously taken by that photo can now be used to store a new picture or document. Fortunately, this also allows the file to be recovered if nothing new has been stored in that same space. To prevent anything from over-writing your deleted files, it is extremely important to turn the device off immediately and not take any more pictures until the deleted ones have been recovered. If possible, you can replace the memory card in your camera to continue taking pictures, and set aside the original one to be recovered later. With phones or computers though, this is generally not an option so you should not use the device again until your files are recovered.
Here at Garber Tech, we use a variety of software tools to recover your lost pictures without adversely affecting your device. Your recovered files will be returned on new media which you may provide if desired.

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